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Battle of the Kitchen Tools: Parchment Paper vs. Aluminum Foil

Introduction to Kitchen Tools Calling all home cooks, baking enthusiasts, and foodies! Presenting the battle of the kitchen tools- Parchment paper vs. Aluminum foil. Read on so that you can acquire practical knowledge on how to make your cooking and baking more efficient, cost-effective and produce more delicious meals that the family can enjoy. Product

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Sugar Awareness Week January 2020

Celebrate Sugar Awareness Week and Live a Healthier Life

2020 starts with a worthy cause! January 13th marks the celebration of Sugar Awareness Week until January 17th, which is a campaign by the sugarawareness.com.The challenge is to “Omit sugar from your diet for 5 days.” In this way, you learn the effects of sugar in your bodily functions such as your brain and mental

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Recipe Chewy Oat Cookies

Chewy Oat Cookies to Satisfy your Sweet Cravings

I know, I know! You still have a hang-over from eating so many desserts and sweets during the holidays. Or has it turned into a nasty habit? And yes, you need to lose those additional pounds you gained. Now, you are torn between indulging that sweet tooth, yet, you want to keep track of your

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Baked Cod Recipe


Finding a great fish recipe that family members, young and old, can all savor and enjoy is truly a treasure!  This new baked recipe series aims to give you the ultimate fish-dish alerts that you can refer to anytime. For instance, read on and try this new one- Fish-Dish Alert: Baked Cod Recipe.  You’re most

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Baked Cod Recipe

2020 Meal Planning Hacks for Beginners

Being responsible for a household is always a tall task! Together with this duty, you are also tasked to manage critical family complaints such as repetitive menus resulting in food fatigue, unhealthy food served, or consistent over-budget due to expensive groceries and food receipts.  In fact, meal planning is adulting in itself. And because you

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Easy Meal: Easy Peasy Fried Rice Recipe

During the holidays, everyone is ecstatic feasting with joy in food heaven! Now, after the holiday feasting is over, everybody  in a food coma. Food is always the farthest thought from anyone’s mind during these times. And then, there’s the issue of food preparation and the perennial question- what’s for dinner? To which you cannot

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Christmas family dinner


It’s that time of the year once again! Yuletide trimmings all around, Christmas songs playing, and the sumptuous smell of festive food wafting in the cold, winter air. During this season of feasting, most people forego their diets and make resolutions to lose that extra weight after New Year’s Eve celebration. However, did you know

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