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I’m a pastry chef and I’ve been using my Kitchenatics Stainless Steel Cooling Rack for baking and cooling cakes and pastries. I used it pretty much everyday and it still looks brand new after a year. Ken Davis

As a healthcare provider I would recommend this product to anyone who bakes meats of any …

I have always used a baking rack for cooking meats and vegetables and after pouring the grease from the pan under the rack so would you!! I have used many products over the years and am most impressed with the Cooling Roasting Baking Rack. The size and durability is outstanding. No problems with cleaning (I use a gentle brush if needed), and well worth the price. As a healthcare provider I would recommend this product to anyone who bakes meats of any kind. It allows for faster, cleaner cooking and without the fats. Amazon Customer

This is the most convenient cooking rack I have ever had in my life. It stores away into small spaces, washes in the sink, and aerates my food instantly. It’s an all-in-one cooking solution that has inspired me to get back to my roots and spend more time in the kitchen. Allegra F.

Well made and are sturdy. Have placed in dishwasher a half dozen times

Well made and are sturdy. Have placed in dishwasher a half dozen times, without any wear or change in the stainless steel. Amazon Customer

I get a lot of use out of my Kitchenatics Stainless Steel Cooling Rack that I have on my kitchen counter all the time, as its great for resting heavy pots and pans so they don’t ruin my surface. The amazing thing is that it’s still in perfect condition, it hasn’t bent, rusted or lost its shine. Linda Robins

I love my Kitchenatics Stainless Steel Cooling Rack! I use it for cooling my cakes and cookies, dehydrating beef jerky, grilling, drying my basil and other herbs and a lot more of uses. Cleaning is a breeze and no rusting. This is the best tool I have my in kitchen.

Sarah Stevens

Top-notch quality rack!

Everybody’s raving about this rack! If you don’t have this in your kitchen, you are missing out on what quality, functionality and convenience is all about collectively. My husband and I are impressed about how using this genius invention makes our baked nuggets crispier and much tastier. We also loved how it cooled our muffins so well.

Not only is this rack very well-made, sturdy and at par with the latest global quality standards when it comes to baking and cooling racks, it’s also handy and a space-saver. I enjoy using it every time we are to cook something in our oven. This is no doubt a top-notch piece I have ever bought! I recommend that every household should have one.

Don’t wait up! Buy it right this second! Amazon Customer

Sturdy and Stable

Rack is very sturdy and well made. I would definitely buy this one again! Amazon Customer

Best cooking present EVER. With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect cooking gift for anyone you know who loves to grill, bake, or cook with kids. Thanks to its structure, its safe to use with kids so they can have fun with you in the kitchen. George P.

This is a chef-grade cooling rack. I proudly use it in my restaurants throughout the city, knowing it’s a great surface protector that will cool our desserts without condensation. Our clients expect the very best, and I know we can provide it with this jelly roll rack. Paul Q.

Sometimes, we come up with excuses so we don’t have to get involved in the kitchen. With this versatile tool, I feel more inspired than ever before to get up, get in the kitchen, and explore! It’s an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic activity from me when I get home from work. Tisha L.


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