The Ultimate Guide to Baking Essentials for Beginners and Pros

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Baking is not just a rewarding hobby, it can also be a means to show appreciation to family and friends, and even as a means to earn extra money. Whether you are just a beginner wanting to indulge in a new hobby, or a professional who wants to venture into a small business, it is essential that you have the right tools you need. This ultimate guide to baking tools will help you decide which tools you need to keep and invest on.

Grab a pen and paper and itemize your baking inventory and list down what you still need.

Top 12 Baking Essentials Every Baker Must-Have

1. Digital Scale – Since baking is a science, all measurements must be precise. Get a digital scale that can be set to measure in grams and has a tare feature so you don’t need to do the math when measuring your ingredients in containers.

2. Measuring Spoons and Cups – Make sure you have both vessels for wet and dry ingredients and use them separately. Use glass measuring cups with a spout for your liquid ingredients and metal ones for the dry ingredients. For liquid ingredients, get different sized measuring cups for smaller and larger volumes of liquid.

3. Whisk – This is one of the most basic tools that you need in the kitchen. Not only is it used in baking, you can also use it in beating eggs and other liquids when cooking. A whisk is very useful when you need to make the liquids fluffy and frothy.

4. Mixer – A mixer is different from a whisk because it is required for heavy-duty whisking. If you’re in a dilemma whether to get that expensive stand mixer or hand mixer — good ol’ traditional hand mixer work best to prevent overmixing.

5. Mixing Bowls – Have different sized mixing bowls on hand for both wet and dry ingredients. Get both glass mixing bowls and stainless steel bowls. Glass mixing bowls are for those with acidic ingredients so the acid will not interact with the metal and affect the taste of your food.

6. Parchment Paper – Pre-cut parchment paper sheets are so handy to have in the kitchen. Not only are they used for lining your pans and prevent sticking, but they also prevent your dough from spreading too thin. Parchment paper also protect your bakeware and cookware and make them last longer.

7. Spatula / Scraper – Spatulas can be used for mixing, scraping batter from mixing bowls, and spreading icing on cakes. Rubber spatulas are good for scraping batter but silicone spatulas are more heat-resistant and can be used to transfer cookies and other baked goods from pan to rack or platter. Offset or cake spatulas are used for applying icing and other spreadable ingredients.

8. Assorted Baking Pans – When buying baking pans, keep in mind what you are going to bake. If you’re just starting out, it’s better to invest on a complete and durable set that will last a lifetime. Opt for a complete bakeware set that has a baking pan with rack, muffin pan, loaf pan, roaster pan, pizza pan, and different shapes of cake pans.

9. Rolling Pins – Rolling pins are used to flatten dough for cookies, pizza, and pie crusts. If you are a beginner, use a roller type rolling pin since they are easier to use. For a more durable rolling pin, select those that are made from walnut or cherry wood.

10. Pastry Brush – Choose a silicone pastry brush that’s heat resistant and easy to clean. Pastry brushes are used for greasing pans and applying egg wash or butter on your pastries.

11. Kitchen Timer – Get a digital timer so you don’t have to worry about watching the clock while you’re baking. Remember, baking is a science so everything has to be exact down to the time, measurements, and even how you mix the ingredients.

12. Dough Scraper – This square piece of stainless steel is more useful than you think. A dough scraper is not just used to scrape dough off your work table, it allows you to lift, divide, and portion off sticky bread dough.


Now that you have learned all about the different tools or baking essentials, have a look around your kitchen. Bring out all those baking tools that you have and make an inventory of what you have.  If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to spend too much on unnecessary baking tools — keep it to the basics. If you are already a professional and maybe want to start a business, invest on basic kitchen tools that will last a lifetime and that you really need.

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If you’re a beginner, please check out this blog for more baking tips.


12 baking essentials for all bakers





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