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Entering into the new year will often put you into a brooding mood. Yes, the new year is a time to contemplate on life: meditating on the errors committed, the necessary changes to ensure that the same mistakes will not be repeated, the goals you need to reach, and the “wants” that you intensely desire. You have time! It’s the new year after all. That is why we have put together a top 12 list of life-changing tools for the home cooks, baking enthusiasts for 2020, and even for foodies too. This list is specially curated with you in mind. You’re welcome.
As you know, gift-giving is often a huge headache especially if you’re already running late for the occasion and you do not have any idea what to give your special someone. Looking for that perfect gift will, most of the time, require much of your effort, time and energy as well as a whole lot of stress! Of course, the key is also to get your money’s worth for the best value item. Not to mention that if your special someone is quite the picky home cook or baking enthusiast who only wants the BEST in kitchen collection. Well, do not sweat it. You can use this list as a guide to choose the best gift for your beloved home cook/baking enthusiast. As an added bonus, you can even get to savor the home-cooked dishes and delicacies. Isn’t that neat?

In addition, you can also use this list for YOURSELF! Yes, you heard me right. This specially curated list is meant to give you an idea of the latest and most innovative as well as classic gizmos you can get your hands on to help you cook your best dishes. Make your heart and your loved ones happy this new year and go get one or all of these tools for your own.

Ready? Here goes. Feel free to choose from any of these great items below.

1. Baking Pan and Cooling Rack Set with Parchment Paper Liner Sheets

This baking pan is durable and made from aluminum and the cooling rack set is specially made from heavy-duty stainless steel with stackable design and rimmed-edges, which makes baking, grilling, and clean up fast and easy. This set also comes with Parchment Paper Liner Sheets to maximize your cooking enjoyment. Get it now at 50% off!

2. Thirteen Chefs Marble Pastry Slab

This ingenious piece of work is specially made to help cool off kinds of butter and chocolates to help Pastry Chefs achieve those perfectly delicious treats and desserts!

3. The Cookie Book: Decadent Bites for Every Occasion by Rebecca Firth

Cookies are always a big hit no matter what occasion. Think about it. If you give this to your beloved someone, you will have an endless supply of yummy cookies ALL THE TIME. Now, wouldn’t that be neat?

4. Premium Silicone Trivets

Made from 100% silicone, these durable, flexible, BPA free and FDA approved trivets are safe to use and are a great help around the kitchen. They can be used to protect countertops from direct heat; they also can be used as coasters, pot holders, drying mat, spoon holder and many more. Girls can even use these tools as holders for their hot hair tools when getting ready. The trivets are dishwasher- safe and easy to clean too.

5. KitchenAid KSM75WH Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, White

A precious splurge is what this gift is but one that your special someone can use that will last for a long time. Plus, you get to savor the baked treats made from this gadget. It’s a 2-in-1 treat!

6. Christmas Silicone Baking Chocolate Molds

Make cute and delish chocolate treats out of these kitchen tools. They are LFGB and FDA approved and are safe to use. Make your desserts more fun and enjoyable.

7. 2-Quart, Dansk Kobenstyle Casserole

The dutch oven is one mid-century discovery that is truly a classic in the kitchen. Most chefs love this kitchen tool because of its reliability and durability. Made of carbon steel but lighter than the usual cast-iron, enjoy searing, braising, sautéing and baking all you want all day, every day.

8. Stainless Steel Taco Holder Stands

Love Tacos even if it is not Tuesday? These taco holder stands will help you level up your taco making skills. Tacos that are presented upright and spill-proof raises the food ratings from your special someone, family, and friends. So, go eat Taco every day.

9. Takiup Ceramic Knives

Enjoy your cooking tasks with these colorful yet functional kitchen knives. They definitely do the job. They’re dishwasher friendly, too.

10. OXO Good Grips Adjustable Handheld Mandoline Slicer

Safety, especially in the kitchen, is always key! Grab this mandoline with a safety guard attached to it. This gadget not only protects your fingers when slicing fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meats, but it also guarantees that the food you prepared is fresh, healthy, and safe to eat.

11. Le Crueset Signature Cast-Iron Pan

The cast-iron pan is a must-have! It is durable, non-stick and safe to use for both stove-top and oven. Raise your level of cooking with this cast-iron pan.

12. Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for having People Over by Alison Roman

Planning is one of the most difficult tasks in meal prepping. Make your task easier by getting this recipe book of the most Instagram-friendly dishes that are also nutritious and delicious.

Take your pick from the wide array of gift items above! I’m sure cooking and baking will be a whole lot easier if you have them. A happy new year and enjoy cooking!

Have other gift ideas! Share them with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends too.

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