How to Cook Hassle-Free Bacon in the Rack

Bacon on tray

Bacon is one of my favorites – if it’s cooked right. However, I never liked cooking bacon as the fat always seems to love my face! I considered wearing a full face mask just to cook bacon.

Bacon splatter did not stop me. I started researching on different ways to cook bacon. Luckily, I found one method that suited our product launch! This is the best way to prove that our products are efficient and reliable – so I experimented.

A new way to cook bacon!

I headed over to the supermarket and bought thick bacon strips and turkey bacon. Excited, I went home and prepared the half sheet pan and cooling rack. After covering the half sheet pan with foil so that I can catch the fat and use it to create gravy. I placed the cooling rack on top of it and laid the bacon strips. I also covered the bacon with parchment paper to avoid splatter and absorb the extra grease.

I set the oven temperature to 400F and set the timer for about 20-30 minutes. I checked it after 15 minutes — looks good!

You know what’s great about this method? I NEVER flipped the bacon! No more oil splatter, no lingering bacon smell, no oily gas range or pans to clean – just crispy, fat-free bacon to enjoy!

Now, my family and I have bacon every day for breakfast. I can cook bacon while taking a shower or helping the children prepare for school. Cleaning the racks and pan are also easy. I just soaked the baking pan and rack in warm water and dish washing liquid for about 2 hours and hand wash them later on – no sweat! I even have some crispy bacon bits saved up for salads, soups, and other dishes.

Why don’t you try cooking bacon this way? I assure you, they’re the best!

Product Used

Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rack Set with 100 pieces Parchment Paper



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2 thoughts on “How to Cook Hassle-Free Bacon in the Rack”

  1. Thank you for a great baking product! I recently purchased the jelly roll sized pan with rack, using it last night for the first time by making Kitchenatics chicken strips/fingers recipe. The outcome was yummy, pan and rack clean up – a breeze! I lined the pan with tinfoil and sprayed the rack with cooking spray for easy clean up. I did follow the recommended baking temperature of 350 degrees for 20 minutes, but found the chicken was not browning at the lower temperature. I bumped the temperature up to 375 for another 7 minutes, the chicken turned out beautifully. Great recipe, I’ll be making it again, soon- thank you! Question- reading the above recipe for baking bacon in the oven, can’t wait to use the pan and rack for this one, it shows to soak the pan and rack for 2 hours for clean up. 2 hours?! I’m hoping to cut that length of time down by lining the pan with tinfoil, and placing the rack in the dishwasher. Thank you, again, for a great product and bonus recipes!

  2. Hi Joan! 2 hours would be enough to soak it, but lining the pan with tinfoil or parchment paper is a great idea for easy clean up. Thank you.


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