The Homemaker’s Guide to Choosing the Right Bakeware Set

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Baking is always easier when you have the proper bakeware set on hand. However, with so many options to choose from, it is quite a challenge to find the right one. With different color options and materials, finding the right bakeware set can be more difficult than just buying a single baking tool. However, you have to admit that having a complete bakeware set is more cost effective than buying them per piece.

Before you start browsing through the numerous bakeware sets in the market, it is important to know the basics. Ask yourself these questions before buying:

  1. Will I only use them for baking?
  2. Do I prefer quality over quantity?
  3. What material suits me best?
  4. What will I use them for?
  5. How often will I use them?
  6. Should it match my kitchen’s theme?

These aremother and child baking with complete bakeware set basic questions that will help you find the right bakeware set to meet your baking and cooking needs. Normally, bakeware sets consist of round cake pans, baking sheet pans, oven racks, roaster pans, and muffin pans. KITCHENATICS’ nonstick complete bakeware set includes 2 round cake pans, a square pan, cooling rack with baking sheet, roaster pan with lid, perforated pizza pan, muffin pan, loaf pan, and matching silicone trivets. Not only are they used for baking but you can also use them for cooking and storing food. For example, the roaster pan can be used to cook and store lasagna. The loaf pan can be used for meatloaf. The round and square cake pans can also be used to cook one-pan meals or baked pasta.


Choosing the Right Bakeware Set For Your Needs

When choosing the bakeware set here are the specifics that you need to consider:

  • Material – Top choices for material are carbon steel, aluminum and aluminized steel. Carbon steel is naturally non-stick so you don’t have to use oils, cooking sprays, or foil. It is also durable and long-lasting, same with aluminized steel. Aluminized steel, on the other hand, is more expensive than most materials. Aluminum is also a good choice since it is rust-proof and heats and cools quickly. However, aluminum reacts with acidic ingredients which causes discoloration.
  • Weight – How you will use your bakeware set determines your preference for lightness or heaviness. For home use, it would be best to use lightweight bakeware for ease of use and cleaning. Professional bakers can opt for heavier ones due to constant handling.
  • Durability – Of course, you’d want to have bakeware that lasts a long time so you don’t have to buy new ones. If you use your bakeware set frequently, opt for more durable ones such as carbon steel and aluminum. Stay out of breakable bakeware sets such as those made of glass or ceramic.
  • ColorLight and dark colored bakeware have an effective on the quality of your baked goods. Light-colored bakeware reflects heat and distributes heat more evenly. Dark-colored bakeware absorbs heat and leads to more browned and crisped baked goods. Thus, if you want crispier pizza crusts and potato wedges, and roasted veggies, you should choose dark colored ones. Kitchenatics has both light-colored and dark-colored bakeware sets in turquoise with black and champagne gold.
  • Oven-Safe Temperature – Opt for bakeware sets that can withstand temperatures above 425°F if you will frequently use them in the oven. Kitchenatics’ carbon steel bakeware set can withstand up to 500°F in the oven.
  • Cleaning Instructions – I’m sure you’d love to just toss your bakeware set in the dishwasher after cooking a banquet. However, most bakeware sets will last longer if you hand wash them. For tougher stains, let them cool completely then soak in water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid for overnight. This will save you the effort of scrubbing too much.
  • Surface – Make sure that your bakeware, or even cookware, has no PFOA and free from coating that may strip off. Kitchenatics complete bakeware set is made from carbon steel which has no harmful coating and naturally nonstick. Its smooth finish will also prevent food from sticking.
  • Storage – Avoiding clutter in the kitchen by making sure that your bakeware set is stackable. The different components of the bakeware set can be stacked neatly in a kitchen cabinet to save storage space and avoid clutter.

Best Practices for Maintaining your Complete Bakeware Set

making pizza, pan included in bakeware set

As mentioned earlier, hand washing your bakeware set is the best cleaning option to make them last longer. As soon as you receive your newly-purchased bakeware set, make sure to wash them thoroughly with soap and water to remove manufacturing residue and accumulated dirt.

Some bakeware sets, such as those made with aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel may rust over time. To prevent this from happening, make sure to dry them completely before storing, especially the crevices where water may accumulate.

When stacking your bakeware, place silicone mats or even parchment paper in between to prevent scratches. Use only wooden or silicone utensils with your bakeware sets when cooking or transferring food from it. While the carbon steel bakeware sets are not breakable, dropping them intentionally or subjecting them to force may cause them to warp.

After using your bakeware set, let them cool completely before rinsing. This helps protect the surface, prevents warping, and makes them last longer.

The Best Bakeware

There is no best bakeware, only tools that fit your needs. Make sure to choose the complete bakeware set that’s right for you by taking into consideration how often you use them and how you use them.

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