2-piece Stainless Steel Wire Taco Holder Stand




Stainless Steel Taco Holder Stand: 2 Wire Metal Tray Holders For Serving Up Soft & Hard Shell Food Truck Style Tacos – Wider, Fun Grill, Oven & Dishwasher Safe Taco Trays Great for Kids or Parties

Wire Taco Holder (2 pack) – Holds 3-4 Tacos

For safety and convenience, we wanted our products to be stainless steel. Thus, the creation of our 3rd product – the Taco Holder Stands.

The taco holders are designed to help you fully enjoy your favorite Mexican food on Taco Tuesdays. Not only that – it has wide taco shell space that can hold up to 4 tacos per rack. It keeps taco shells in an upright position so you will never have to experience mess and spills again! We also made it easy for storage and clean – up.

  • WIDER, DEEPER RACK SPACE – This taco serving tray set is specifically designed to help you avoid spills and better fit actual taco sizes. You can pack corn tacos or flour tortillas with meat, cheese, and condiments with less mess!
  • INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY VERSATILITY – These big taco holders come in multiple sizes to better hold 2 tacos, 3 tacos, or four tacos! The taco serving tray makes them great for family dinners, backyard picnics, or just late-night tortilla wraps.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CRAFTMANSHIP – Available in a wire frame or solid taco stand rack, each of our products is made from 304 (18/8) stainless steel to ensure long-lasting, reusable durability. They’re also rust, stain, and corrosion resistant!
  • KITCHEN, OVEN AND DINING ROOM USE – Kitchenatics premium-grade taco stands offer more versatility than standard taco holders. The oven-safe taco serving tray set can be used for cooking, keeping tacos upright at the table, or filling tacos on the counter, not just that it’s great for serving grilled hot dogs and healthy lettuce wraps
  • FREE RECIPE EBOOK: Perfect your culinary skills with our free step by step taco cookbook and learn how to make delicious tacos worthy of display for your friends, family, and loved ones

Solid or wired, these sturdy, stainless steel taco holders with sleek, stackable wedged trays can cradle taco shells perfectly in a spill-proof upright position. You can now enjoy grilling, baking, and serving your favorite Mexican food with ease.

2 reviews for 2-piece Stainless Steel Wire Taco Holder Stand

  1. Cristy

    These taco holders are perfect and stylish! I had a party at home and my friends were truly amazed!

  2. Sandra

    My kids and I love tacos. I bought this so they can easily fill their tacos with little assistance. Great product!

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