4-Pack Stainless Steel Taco Holder Stand – Wider & Stylish Taco Truck Trays






Solid Taco Holder (4 pack) – Holds 2-3 Tacos

For safety and convenience, we wanted our products to be stainless steel. Thus, the creation of our 3rd product – the Taco Holder Stands.

The taco holders are designed to help you fully enjoy your favorite Mexican food on Taco Tuesdays. Not only that – it has wide taco shell space that can hold up to 4 tacos per rack. It keeps taco shells in an upright position so you will never have to experience mess and spills again! We also made it easy for storage and clean – up.

  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES: Bring a festive restaurant style mood to your next dinner party or Taco Tuesday; choose from 2 or 4 pack sets, each holding 3 or 4 shells filled with your favorite flavor combos
  • TACO AND HOTDOG STAND SETS: Spice up your next taco or hotdog night with these unique, easy to clean taco stands perfect for serving hard shell, corn, flour tortilla, lettuce wrap tacos, mouth-watering carnitas or grilled hotdogs
  • FORM MEETS FUNCTION: The stackable, wedged trays perfectly cradle taco shells in a spill-proof upright position keeping toppings, meats, and salsas where they belong while serving, heating, or eating
  • SLEEK METAL DESIGN: Sturdy stainless steel holders are perfect for grilling, baking, and plating the classic Mexican food favorite; choose from 2 dishwasher safe wire-framed or stamped metal designs
  • FREE RECIPE EBOOK: Perfect your culinary skills with our free step-by-step taco cookbook and learn how to make delicious tacos worthy of display for your friends, family, and loved ones

Solid or wired, these sturdy, stainless steel taco holders with sleek, stackable wedged trays can cradle taco shells perfectly in a spill-proof upright position. You can now enjoy grilling, baking, and serving your favorite Mexican food with ease.

45 reviews for 4-Pack Stainless Steel Taco Holder Stand – Wider & Stylish Taco Truck Trays

  1. Shelly

    These stainless steel taco stands are awesome. Very useful for holding the tacos upright for serving and for eating.

  2. Angel

    Just the right size..Perfect for my taco nights!

  3. Kristen

    Gave this as a birthday gift to my hubby so he can serve his special tacos during boys’night out! He said he’s the luckiest man in the world!

  4. Lizzie

    Loving my taco holders. I can now serve my tacos in a nice and presentable way. We can also have it any time of the day

  5. France Moore

    Got mine 3 days ago, used it last night. No more messy tacos,. Thanks, Kitchenatics.

  6. Sharron

    LOVE these taco holders. So well made, heavy and sturdy. The look is great as well. Wash up beautifully. And…..I saw these on Amazon.ca and bought them there for $3 MORE…..If I had only known I could have just got them straight from your site, I would have bought them here.

  7. Patricia

    Affordable taco holder that I also used in grilling.

  8. Jen

    Hosted a taco bar party. The taco trays I ordered is a big help! Thank youuu!

  9. Sherry

    Super helpful! I love it!

  10. Sherry

    Super helpful! I love it! No more messy taco nights!

  11. Gabby

    Will buy more for my next Taco party! Stainless and sturdy. Very useful. Worth the price.

  12. Gabby

    Will buy 2 more sets for my next Mexican themed party! Stainless and sturdy. Very useful. Worth the price.

  13. Mike

    Got my taco holders a few days ago. Works great!

  14. Mike

    Got my taco holders a few days ago. Works great not only on tacos but with hotdogs too!

  15. Marion Sanders

    Bought these mainly for my kids. They can now eat tacos all by themselves with very little mess! Great product, Kitchenatics!

  16. Rose Ann

    Very happy with my taco holders 🙂 It worked well and it’s easy to clean. love love love it!

  17. Rob

    The process of making tacos is messy and time-consuming – buuuuuuut this taco tray changes all that. Great product!

  18. Simon

    Taco parties just got way better!!!

  19. Arnold

    I used these beautiful things to plate my tacos nicely at home! These holders made a big difference since I bought them! Works really well!

  20. Mark Peters

    I bought this product to hold taco shells and I’m very pleased that it worked well. It was easy to clean too. Am going to use it for a hot dog holder. Great product.

  21. Nick

    Cool party accessories! Tacos don’t spill over and very sturdy and classy.

  22. Josh Parsons

    Tacos, an ice cold bottle of beer, and a nice foot ball game yeah!

  23. Jamie Shelton

    Making tacos just got easier! These taco holders look very elegant, too.

  24. Sara J.S

    Perfect tool! Exactly what I am looking for.

  25. Annie B.

    These are so classy I just had to have them!

  26. Robin Holloway

    I’ve always wanted these so I bought 2 sets for my birthday. They arrived just in time for my party, so of course I served tacos. My friends were delighted and pleased. Works great for me, too, coz I don’t need to worry about the mess. I can even assemble the burritos and just reheat them in the oven.

  27. Miggy 66

    The tray will last forever, super easy to clean, stores easily, looks great – very good purchase! Will order again!

  28. Corey 78

    Absolutely worth the buy.

  29. Beth Smith

    These taco trays are the best!

  30. Cecil T.

    Fits standard crunchy shells, you can fit 4 tacos or flip upside-down and fit 3. works well either way.

  31. Michael Johnson

    Very easy to hold tacos..Made putting the tacos together so easy and simple.

  32. Sam LD.

    I really like that it is stainless steel. I don’t need flat shells anymore, they work great.

  33. G. Hamilton

    These taco holders are well made and work amazingly well! I bought these as a Mother’s Day gift. In-laws are all about practical gifts.

  34. Eli Macleod

    Sturdy and large. This item makes eating tacos so easy and keeps the shells from breaking. I love that this holder is microwave and oven safe that I can heat them up anytime!

  35. E. Rommel

    The shape is perfect and holds the shell in the perfect position for filling ingredients.

  36. Carol Hallberg

    These are awesome. Perfect size and good quality.

  37. M. Sherwood

    They look to be very well made and heavy duty.

  38. M. Sherwood

    They look to be very well made and heavy duty. The toppings stayed in the tacos, not spilling all over the plate.

  39. Angela Finley

    I really love this, well made and sturdy.

  40. J. Davis

    I love that they say I ♥️ Tacos. One side fits two and flip it over and now it fits three!

  41. Katie Hunt

    Easy to clean, takes very little space in my cupboard. Great product, plus its stainless steel!

  42. R. McCarthy

    The tacos stayed nice and crisp, the toppings stayed in the tacos, not spilling all over the plate.

  43. Rosalie Sullivan

    These taco trays are great! We used them for the first time for dinner and they held crunchy taco shells perfectly.

  44. Michael Reed

    Bought these to crisp up my tacos in the toaster oven before loading them up with yummy toppings.

  45. Darlene V.

    I like the compact size. will fit on a plate well. Well made, and has a sturdy frame.

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