6-Pack Brown Silicone Candy and Chocolate Molds





Silicone Candy and Chocolate Molds: Flexible Baking Molds for Chocolate, Shaping Hard or Gummy Candies, Keto Fat Bombs, Jello – Hearts, Stars, Flowers, Fun Shapes in Brown Trays, 6 Pack

Brown ( 6-Pack )

It can perfectly create chocolate treats in many forms to help you achieve the recipe you’ve been rooting for. Besides that, it is LFGB- and FDA-approved, so its materials are definitely safe and reliable for kitchen use. If you or your loved ones have a strong appetite for anything sweet and mouth-watering, choose only our trusted silicone brand!

  • BPA FREE: The 100% platinum food grade silicone used in our molds is BPA free; our tray molds have undergone testing to become both FDA and LFGB approved to ensure superior food safety and materials
  • CANDY CREATIONS: Make your own sweet treats with these silicone molds that can be used for candies, gummies, chocolates, caramel and jelly; pack includes 6 trays that each measure 8.3 by 4 inches
  • OVEN & FREEZER SAFE: Trays are oven, freezer and microwave safe but should not be placed on an open flame; the molds can safely withstand temperatures from -104 F to 446 F while retaining their shape
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our nonstick molds allow for easy release of candies when they’re finished hardening; each mold can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher after use for a quick, no mess clean up
  • RECIPE EBOOK: With each mold set, you’ll get a free recipe ebook with plenty of chocolate and candy recipes to try; make your loved ones delicious and beautiful Christmas candies with our mold sets

The LFGB-approvedBPA-free, and temperature-resistant chocolate and candy molds can enhance your cooking flexibility, imagination, and success.

33 reviews for 6-Pack Brown Silicone Candy and Chocolate Molds

  1. Grace

    I use these to make my own sugar free, keto-friendly chocolate. They’re easy to load up. The chocolates pop out easily.

  2. Ken Nutt

    I used these moulds to make dark chocolate Armagnac truffles. Due to the texture of the truffles it was necessary to freeze the moulds for half a day. Some shapes worked better than others, but really pleased with the results

  3. Amy Williams

    Tried to use it and made some milk chocolates, my daughter loved the shapes. Thanks

  4. Pearl Joy

    Great for chocolate making activity for the kids during the weekend.

  5. Emma

    One of my fave products in the kitchen is your silicone molds. They’re out of the cabinet, will use them to prepare chocolates for Halloween.

  6. Sam

    Tried to make jellies using this mold that I ordered last month. It turned out great. Hoping for a bigger size soon.

  7. beth

    i ordered these to make some christmas cookies that require molds. these are smaller than the ones i usually use, but they’d be good for one bite cookies. as sam said, it would be great if they make a larger size, that would perfectly work with my cookies.

    • Makayla

      Hi Beth,
      Glad to know that you are satisfied with your 6-pack silicone molds. Good news — we have larger molds coming out soon. They will be out in the market in the next few days. We’ll keep you posted!

  8. Ann

    I have been using this product for more than a year now. Also, bought a lot as a giveaway this Christmas to my family. 🙂

  9. Jen

    These work great for making chocolates and gummy! Easy to clean too!

  10. Barbara

    Made chocolate giveaways last Christmas. Really loved the shapes. Making them was easy with the molds. Popped out easily too.

  11. Sharika

    These molds were exactly what I needed. My chocolates turned out great! They look nice!

  12. Morgan

    Folks will not just love eating my eclairs but they will love how they look, too!

  13. Jess

    Made chocolates with them and they turned out great. These were easy to use. Definitely the perfect size for making bite-sized chocolates.

  14. Bertha Zimmerman

    A bit small but the designs are intricate. Wish there was a larger version of this set.

  15. Muriel G.

    I absolutely love them. It’s easy to use and clean. Will order more for my mom and daughter.

  16. Janis Charles

    Perfect for little soaps, crayons, candy, and chocolates. These are super easy to clean too. Definitely recommend these. I just wish you have a larger version 😉

  17. William

    Perfect and easy to use. A bit small but perfect for some small size bath bombs and chocolates. Perfect for gummies too.

  18. Ms.Happy24

    Tried it yesterday, easy to remove, gummies didn’t stick at all. Great range of designs.

  19. Sharon M.

    I cannot wait to use this mold! This was my second order from this shop. Customer service is amazing.

  20. Alonzo L.

    Really cute molds, smaller than I thought it would be but that’s my bad for not double-checking the measurements

  21. D. Valdez

    Lovely little molds! Perfect design and great detail. Mold is strong and durable too. Love it.

  22. Sallie Adams

    Super cute! I love my new molds. Everything molded nicely.

  23. Mary G.

    The mold works well and is easy to use. I placed a flat pan under the mold before pouring the chocolate in so I can move it without making a mess.

  24. Elsie Bowens

    Perfect size for what I needed!

  25. Carol

    Loved the chocolate molds, there were a nice variety of styles and sizes. My Granddaughter loved making chocolates in them.

  26. Genevieve

    Very cute! Got this tray to make flavored ice cubes. Smaller than I expected but I honestly blame myself for not reading into it more. They are still very lovely!

  27. N. Thomas

    These candy molds are a great value! I put it in the freezer for just a few minutes and the candy pops right out!

  28. Keri Jones

    Great price for this little bundle. Very cute shapes and easy to use.

  29. John

    Great for Candy, Working on fondant recipe for coating.

  30. E. Massaro

    It’s amazing quality and has no doubt about the durability of this mold!

  31. A. Higbee

    The molds have amazing detail and the chocolate just popped right out with ease. I highly recommend these molds if you are looking to make any type of candy molded!

  32. Donna

    Love these chocolate molds! Great designs! They were easy to use & easy to clean! Can’t wait to use them again!!

  33. R. Jenkins

    I definitely like the shapes and variety that come with this set. I used them to make homemade fruit gummies and they came out so easily and beautifully smooth.

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