Funny Emojis Silicone Chocolate Molds




Funny Emojis Silicone Candy and Chocolate Bar Molds: Cupcake, Brownie Topper, Soft & Hard Candy, Gummies, Keto Fat Bombs, Best for Novelty Party Gifts, 4 Pack

4-Pack Brown Funny Emojis Silicone Molds

It can perfectly create chocolate treats in many forms to help you achieve the recipe you’ve been rooting for. Besides that, it is LFGB- and FDA-approved, so its materials are definitely safe and reliable for kitchen use. If you or your loved ones have a strong appetite for anything sweet and mouth-watering, choose only our trusted silicone brand!

Funny Emojis Silicone Candy and Chocolate Bar Molds: Cupcake, Brownie Topper, Soft & Hard Gummies, Keto Fat Bombs, Best for Novelty Party Gifts, 4 Pack

  • CANDY CREATIONS: Make your own sweet treats with these leaf stamped and funny emojis silicone molds that can be used for candies, gummies, chocolates, caramel and jelly, perfect for parties; pack includes 4 trays that each measure 8.25″ by 4″ inches and 0.3″ inches deep. These chocolate bar and gummy molds are perfect for thrill-seekers and adventurous cooks!
  • BPA FREE: The 100% platinum food-grade silicone used in our molds is BPA free; our tray molds have undergone testing to become both FDA and LFGB approved to ensure superior food safety and materials
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our nonstick leaf stamped chocolate bars and happy face molds allow for easy release of candies when they’re finished hardening; each mold can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher after use for a quick, no mess clean up

The perfect gift for those who love to make crafts such as soaps, scented candles, fridge magnets, and wax figures.

  • OVEN & FREEZER SAFE: Trays are oven, freezer and microwave safe but should not be exposed to an open flame; the molds can safely withstand temperatures from -104 F to 446 F while retaining their shape
  • RECIPE EBOOK: With each mold set, you’ll get a free recipe eBook with plenty of chocolate and candy recipes to try; make your loved ones delicious and beautiful giveaway or party candies with our fun mold sets

The LFGB-approvedBPA-free, and temperature-resistant chocolate and candy molds can enhance your cooking flexibility, imagination, and success.

4 reviews for Funny Emojis Silicone Chocolate Molds

  1. Martha

    Bought this and made some jello. I love that they pop out so easily! The emojis are so cute.

  2. Jenny

    These molds are so cute!

  3. Marion

    I really like the bite size shape of my chocolates when I used your molds. Hope you’ll have more designs the next time I purchase!

  4. amanda e.

    Really good size for edibles and regular chocolate and gummies. It is a quality product for the money

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