Oven, Grill & Dishwasher Safe 100% Stainless Steel Roasting & Cooling Rack Fits Jelly Roll Pan, Rust Proof Baking Rack w/ Extra Welds & Thick Wire Grid, Heavy-Duty, Patent #: D929180S, 10″ x 15″ x 1″





KITCHENATICS Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Cooling and Roasting Rack Heavy Duty Thick-Wire Grid Fits Jelly Roll Pan Oven-Safe Rust-Resistant for Cooking, Roasting, Grilling, Drying

10″ x 15″ (Rack Only) Thick-Wire Grid, 10 x 15 rack, fits Jelly Roll Pan

Kitchenatics Jelly Roll Cooling Rack has many essential uses and is an all-around tool for cooling, cooking and baking. We designed our 10″ x 15″ jelly roll cooling racks to cater both professional chefs and kitchen “fanatics” in their everyday cooking needs. Our oven baking rack can support heavier food, such as big chunk of beef brisket, pulled pork, roasted chicken, and turkey to name a few without bending or wobbling due to our unique multiple-welded cross support bars, which makes our cooling racks durable and sturdy to last a lifetime!

Our jelly roll cooling rack is a great choice to give as a house-warming, Thank You, Christmas, anniversary, birthday and other special occasion gift to family, friends and co-workers.

Our 10″x 15″ Jelly Roll Cooling Rack sits perfectly inside a standard 10 1/4″ inches x 15 1/4″ inches Jelly Roll Cookie Pan.

What Makes Kitchenatics Cooling and Roasting Racks your Best Choice for Cooling, Roasting, and Baking?

  • MULTIPLE- WELDED CROSS SUPPORT BARS that can carry the weight of heavier food such as a big hunk of beef brisket, pulled pork, roasted chicken and turkey without bending or wobbling; which makes our cooling racks more sturdy compared to other racks on the market.
  • HEAVY-DUTY TIGHT GRID PATTERN to keep food from falling through while cooling or roasting.
  • 1″- INCH HEIGHT for greater airflow to achieve even and better cooling and cooking. Prevents excessive condensation and sogginess.
  • OVEN & GRILL SAFE, HEAT RESISTANT up to 575℉ (302 C).
  • HIGH QUALITY thicker 304 (18/8) 100% stainless steel wire metal grid.
  • NON TOXIC, SAFE, AND NO PFOA or any artificial coatings or chrome plating that can wear off or flake in your food.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE for fast and easy clean.
  • NO SHARP EDGES for safe use.

48 reviews for Oven, Grill & Dishwasher Safe 100% Stainless Steel Roasting & Cooling Rack Fits Jelly Roll Pan, Rust Proof Baking Rack w/ Extra Welds & Thick Wire Grid, Heavy-Duty, Patent #: D929180S, 10″ x 15″ x 1″

  1. Emma

    Perfect for cooling my cookies and displaying them on the counter!

  2. Carol

    Good, heavy duty rack to use for cooking as opposed to light weight cooling racks. Cleans up well!

  3. Dan

    Sturdy construction and rated for high oven and grill temperatures!

  4. Frank

    Excellent quality! Love it very much

  5. Don

    Worked perfect for my grill. Strong design and really help up my meatloaf that I smoked on the grill. Easy cleanup!!!

  6. Abby Smith

    Used it for grilling. The well-spaced wires are perfect.

  7. Hannah

    I received my 2 racks 4 days ago and they are great! Love that they are stainless steel and of high quality.

  8. Cath

    Perfect rack for cooling, roasting, and drying out good. Great for everyday use.

  9. Augusto

    Sturdy construction. Fits easily in the dishwasher. Being stainless steel, I love it.

  10. Virginia Altork

    This 10 X 15 stainless steel baking rack is nice and heavy, not like other, cheaper racks. It works well in disposable cookie sheet pans to catch the drips. It also cleans well by hand after soaking in dish soap and and water for a while.

    • Makayla

      Hi Virginia! Glad to know that you are satisfied with the quality of your new cooling racks! Good to know that you found the secret to cleaning it up.

  11. Michele Comes

    Excellent price and great fit for my sheet pan. Purchased a Frigidaire range with the air fry option. This same thing sells for $50 on Frigidaire site!

    • Makayla

      Hi Michele,
      Thanks for choosing to shop with Kitchenatics! Glad to know that you like the quality of the cooling racks!

  12. Derek Cimala

    Terrific racks, very well made!!

  13. Jem

    Perfect size and grid! I like it so much, will order the quarter size next time.

  14. Alan M Kuligowski

    This cook rack was just what I needed for cold smoking cheese.

  15. Douglas Kraft

    Well made. Perfect for what I needed

  16. Austin

    These racks are superb! Really sturdy and well-made.

  17. Tom & Karen Burns

    I finally found quality stainless racks! Thanks!!!

  18. Andrew Jenkins

    Bought this as an anniversary gift for my wife. She cooked me some delicious ribs in return!

  19. Allan Peters

    Best for barbecue and smoking meat. Sturdy and well-made.

  20. Andy

    After purchasing my rack, I now enjoy cooking and eating bacon. That’s the main purpose why I bought this. Will check out your blog to maximize the use of my rack.

  21. Donald

    Very sturdy, doesnt rust, and cleans fairly easy. An excellent addition to anyones kitchen

  22. Rebecca Marshall

    Very versatile roasting rack! I can make chicken wings, potato chips, and even meat jerky!

  23. Melinda

    Very efficient racks! I hated having to flip my food when cooking them such as bacon, chicken wings, and veggies. Now I can just leave them to cook and they come out nicely.

  24. ER

    I washed the rack in dishwasher. It looks OK. I used it once and no food sticked on the rack. It looks durable too.

  25. terry obrien

    love it

  26. Roland White

    High quality rack, no loose welds, no sharp edges, looks solid and sturdy.

  27. Pete Hubbard

    Perfect for bacon and chicken wings!

  28. Dawn

    Perfect size and easy to wash.

  29. Sheri.ann

    Love this product. I bought the smaller size first and had to get a bigger one. It cleans well. Love that the space is not huge so things can fall through. Great purchase.

  30. Lila Gonzalez

    The perfect bacon rack! Just a bit tedious to clean because of the grid.

  31. Marlene LA

    Adequate height and sturdy! The meat doesn’t touch the bottom and just the right height for even cooking.

  32. Walt

    As advertised….heavy duty stainless steel. 1″ clearance excellent for convection oven.

  33. Oscar M.

    What I like about this rack is its welded solid. It is also heavy-duty and versatile. 4 stars to see first if it will last a lifetime.

  34. Susan

    Very well made -much sturdier than my old ones. I especially love that it is slightly elevated. Great price for such top quality.
    I ordered a second one-and look forward to purchasing more of this brand.

  35. Mathew A.

    The construction is heavy gauge, solid stainless steel. The grid is tight, which will keep your foods from sagging. Good buy

  36. Cecilia

    Perfect for broiling in the oven. Easier to clean the regular broiling pans.

  37. Jennifer P.

    Prompt delivery, measurements just as described. Works great.

  38. Veronica Huerta

    It’s a beautiful cooling rack, perfect for my food photography work. Well made. Thank you very-very much!

  39. Mathilde

    I’ve learned a lot of cooking tricks with this roasting rack! Very handy to have around!

  40. T. Pulliam

    Used this rack to bake chicken pieces and sometimes bacon.Had a hard time washing it though. Tips, please!


    This cooling rack/backing rack is in a class by itself compared to my other racks. I am thrilled to have a rack that is stainless, heavy duty, and dishwasher approved.

    • Kitchenatics

      That’s great to hear! Glad to know that you like the quality of your new jelly roll racks.

  42. Paul R.

    Everybody’s raving about this rack! If you don’t have this in your kitchen, you are missing out!

  43. John Nyemcsik

    Very nice rack

  44. M. Brown

    I love it. Very nice and sturdy.

  45. Ann Kraft

    I’ve been looking for a pure stainless cooking rack. I wanted something sturdy and healthy. This fits the bill, love it.

  46. M. Adkins

    Nice tight grid structure for me. But takes time to clean.

  47. Lorie Adkins

    Have used this product for only a few weeks. It tolerated 450 degrees in the oven and easily cleaned up in the dishwasher. Love it so much!

  48. Kathe Sherwood

    This is a very well made rack. I inspected it carefully when received and found no sharp edges. I will recommend this to my family and friends.

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