KITCHENATICS 100% Stainless Steel Roasting and Cooling Rack Fits Jelly Roll Pan, Rust Proof Baking Rack with Extra Welds & Wire Grid, Use for Oven & Grill, Patent #: D929180S, 10" x 15" x 1", Set Of 2




Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Cooling Rack, Thick-Wire Grid Fits Jelly Roll Pan Oven-Safe Rust-Resistant, Nontoxic for Roasting, Baking, Drying, Cooking (Set of 2)

10″ x 15″ (Set of 2) Racks Only fits Jelly Roll Pan

Our very first creation is the premium quality stainless steel roasting wire rack which is dishwasher-safe and oven safe. Its robust design, features, and efficiency have led to high customer satisfaction. Made from 304 stainless steel, our roasting wire rack comes with natural rust-resistant and durable properties that make it perfect for dish washing, cleaning, and regular use.

Why You Need this Roasting Wire Rack

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE 304 (18/8) STAINLESS STEEL roasting wire rack, RUST RESISTANT, NONTOXIC and DISHWASHER_SAFE for long-lasting durability.
  • SUPREME DURABILITY with 1-INCH (1″) IN HEIGHT.  Allows optimal airflow. Air can circulate around all sides of the pan for absolutely perfect cooking and cooling.
  • OVEN-SAFE to 575˚F. Perfect for roasting, grilling, baking, broiling, smoking, barbecuing, and drying. No need to flip your food while cooking. Get crisp and juicy bacon, chicken, turkey and more with less oil and fat. Roast delicious veggies and fish with no sweat. 
  • PERFECT FIT FOR POPULAR BRANDS of large 13″ x 18″ half sheet pan and cookie sheets. Rack Dimensions: 11.81″ x 16.85″ . Pan is not included.
  • NO-HASSLE LIFETIME GUARANTEE! If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund or replace your rack. 

Our 2 SET OF 10″ X 15″ Cooling Wire Racks are PERFECT FIT TO STANDARD 10 1/4″ x 15 1/4″ JELLY ROLL PANS.

Our main goal is ” To make your cooking life a lot easier and healthier ” that is what we maximize your experience for:

  • COOLING baked goods such as cookies, bread and pastries to achieve an even & delicious result
  • BAKING bacon, chicken nuggets, wings, fries and other food to achieve a crispier, healthier and an oil-free baking experience
  • STEAMING seafood, vegetables and desserts in the oven
  • SMOKING salmon and other kinds of fish
  • SPATCHCOCKING turkey and other poultry
  • GRILLING, BARBECUING, & ROASTING mouthwatering ribs, fish, meats and poultry. Can be used as GRILL TOPPER too!
  • DEHYDRATING beef jerky, herbs, vegetables and fruits
  • AIR-FRYING dishes through oven-use for healthy options.
  • TRIMMING & DRAINING any food oil and fat from frying.
  • DICING fruits such as avocado, mangoes, or even hard boiled eggs
  • RINSING fruits and vegetables
  • DRYING kitchen utensils (can be used as a dish drying rack)
  • PROTECTING your counter-top from the heat as a trivet for your heavy cast iron pan!
  • GREAT TO USE FOR DIY PROJECTS such as earrings, greeting cards and craft’s display organizer, memo board or hanging artworks

22 reviews for KITCHENATICS 100% Stainless Steel Roasting and Cooling Rack Fits Jelly Roll Pan, Rust Proof Baking Rack with Extra Welds & Wire Grid, Use for Oven & Grill, Patent #: D929180S, 10″ x 15″ x 1″, Set Of 2

  1. Marjolaine

    So glad I bought this 2pc set. Very sturdy racks and so easy to clean. Can’t wait to try your other products.

  2. Amy

    Bought myself a 2 piece set. One for my oven and one for grilling.

  3. Merry Lou

    SO glad I chose to but this set, very useful in the kitchen. I used it to cool pizzas, pastries, cakes, cookies, and other items fresh from the oven.

  4. Mara

    I love these cooling racks! The stands are high enough as described. I used them to bake some bacon for breakfast and chicken wings for lunch and they came out crisp and delicious. Very sturdy!

  5. tomas mede

    good product, heavyduty, does what it is supposed to do

  6. Sam

    Excellent cooling racks. Heavy duty and very sturdy these cooling racks are well made. Great for many uses from the oven to the pellet smoker.

  7. Valdon

    Used only as cooling racks excellent.

  8. Paulette Montgomery

    Great for making chicken wings! Easy to clean and looks sturdy.

  9. John

    Great product and great price. Very sturdy. Ideal for cooling and cooking. And it is designed well.

  10. Jane S.H

    This rack is perfect. it is sturdy and the width of the squares is just right – not too small, not too large. ALso, it is a very good-looking item; you can tell that it is designed well. I am very satisfied.

  11. Elbert Keller

    I ordered this because cooling racks are affordable and easy to use, and for me, it is an essential kitchen tool for every home cook. I am so glad that I chose your brand. I am very satisfied.

  12. Ben Wallace

    My deep fried fish and chips are perfect with these! Great for the smoker, too.

  13. Rhonda B.

    I love how it cooled my baked goods. This rack is well-made and sturdy. This is no doubt a top-notch piece!

  14. tweetybopcecil

    The best thing about these racks is that I don’t have to flip the bacon slices and they turn out very crispy!

  15. Rose Gee

    Third time using it. Works as expected. Hoping it will last

  16. Raymond A.

    I am delighted with my purchase. Many thanks! You’ve been truly awesome. cheers

  17. Lucy

    I used to roast my meat and chicken directly on a baking sheet. I didn’t like that the bottom would soak in its juices. Ever since I got these racks, my roasts do not have to sit in its juices. They cook perfectly even, too.

  18. Melissa E.

    I am well pleased with the quality of this rack. It works well for the meat and veggies. Great for cooling my baked bread too.

  19. Bryan Good.

    The quality is very impressive, I didn’t realize what good quality I was getting when I bought them. If you want a good quality baking/cooling rack you can’t go wrong with these racks

  20. J. Jacobs

    The cross supports are heavy-duty and solid. This rack is of higher quality than other brands. Worth the price.

  21. Laura Dees

    I purchased this for cooling cookies. I like how it sits higher off the counter than some racks. thanks

  22. Lynette M.

    I bought this rack to use for my Thanksgiving turkey. I read it worked better than an actual roasting pan. My turkey was roasted to perfection. The rack was heavy-duty and held the turkey with no issues.

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