8.5 X 12 Quarter Size Parchment Paper Sheets For Cooking And Baking




KITCHENATICS 8.5” x12” unbleached parchment paper is the perfect solution for cooking, baking, or grilling healthier, safer meals. Unbleached parchment paper is worlds safer than bleached sheet liners because bleached liners can emit chemicals, such as chlorine, during the cooking process and make food taste like chemicals!

150 pcs 8.5 X 12 Quarter Size Parchment Paper Sheets

Our unbleached parchment paper is the safest option for chefs, bakers, and grill masters to cook their favorite dishes without adding unnecessary fat (like oil, butter, or lard). Our non-perforated sheet liners are ideal for cooking, air frying, baking, or grilling meats, vegetables, fish, and desserts! Not only that, but you can also use our precut parchment paper to wrap candies or uncooked meats as well as for arts and crafts. All Kitchenatics parchment papers are made with 40 GSM (grams per square meter) paper, which means our paper is less flimsy than 35 GSM paper, yet still easy to maneuver, and more reliable than 45 GSM paper.

Before you cook with this parchment paper, make sure the recipe does not call for heat higher than 450 degrees F, as that is the highest our parchment paper can withstand. In addition, do not preheat oven, grill, or air fryer with parchment paper alone inside. This creates a fire hazard as the heat could cause the paper to float and catch on fire. Do not allow paper to splay over the sides of the pan as this could also create a fire hazard. Parchment paper is microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe. Warranty unavailable for parchment paper products.

Top Features and Benefits

  • Cook, Bake, Roast and Wrap your Food Easily. Easy to use, pre-cut to 8.5 x 12 inches wax-free, oil-free and absolutely safe to use for food.
  • Non-toxic Chlorine-Free Food Grade Parchment Paper for Cooking
  • Best for High Heat Baking
  • Perfect fit to the aluminum quarter pan. 
  • No-Mess Cooking, Baking, and Clean Up

23 reviews for 8.5 X 12 Quarter Size Parchment Paper Sheets For Cooking And Baking

  1. Elizabeth Scott

    I love this! Due to their small size, I use them mostly for wrapping sandwiches and wraps for meal prep. Keeps them fresh longer!

  2. Chrissy

    Where have you been all my life?? Thank you Kitchenatics for coming up with this!

  3. Fred Werner (verified owner)

    Good product. Works perfect with 1/4 sheet pan

  4. Laura Doyle

    dont know why i didnt use these years ago, they are so useful in baking!

  5. May

    The paper that comes in rolls is hard to cut and curls in ways that you don’t want it to and takes too much time. But with these pre-cut sheets, cutting and measuring no more.

  6. Susan

    I use these almost daily in my kitchen. I use it with almost everything, wrapping food, baking, storing food and so on. It saves your pans as wells as saves your time in cleaning those pans.

  7. Walter H

    Very convenient! Bought these for my wife as the parchment paper rolls were too difficult to use. You have to cut them up and unroll them and they don’t stay flat. These parchment sheets are also non stick. Great product!

  8. Kath B.

    I found out that the paper has superior grease blocking qualities. Did not curl up. Sure makes clean-up easier.I have been using it for everything, baking, roasting, cooking, wrapping meat and veggies to freezing layers of food. great buy

  9. Sally Yates

    Most innovative kitchen tool I have ever purchased! Even my hubby loves it because he doesn’t have to exert too much effort in cleaning the pans.

  10. Heather Villegas

    Long-lasting, eco-friendly, and safe baking parchment paper sheets! What more could you ask for?

  11. Donald P.

    These are so easy to use and work great. I like the pre-cut sheets, so much easier to use!

  12. Ruby Meyer

    I use this for almost everything! Right now, I find that they are perfect for wrapping sandwiches with. The bread does not go stale or hard and is still soft even when I forget to eat them for lunch.

  13. Ashley D.

    Read the instructions first before using. I really love using parchment papers as it plays a major role in the success of your baked goodies. love what I ordered from this shop.

  14. Randall E.

    If you love baking, this is a must!!

  15. L. Chavez

    I have been using it for everything, from baking, roasting meat and veggies to freezing layers of food.

  16. Eva Hayes

    No more dealing with the attached cutter on the box with the roll of parchment paper inside. This had made baking and some cooking significantly easier.

  17. R. Garrison

    I like the fact that this parchment paper can handle slightly higher temperatures than the rolls of parchment paper. Now, I do not have to use aluminum foil as much either.

  18. Marion Taylor

    Highly recommend. I like the pre-cut sheets, so much easier than the tear-away style. Great product!

  19. Kristi M.

    What I like about these sheets are flat and easy to lay on the roasting pan. Can double up if needed for a very large sheet pan.

  20. Betty Lambert

    I like that these sheets are flat and easy to lay on the roasting pan. Can double up if needed for a very large sheet pan.

  21. Faith Holmes

    The parchment works great for everything from cookies doing multiple batches. Love it!

  22. M. Albanese

    No sticking and a lot of times, no cleaning either.

  23. N. Ivey

    These do a great job. I just pull one out and cover the bottom of the sheet pan to make my pan last longer and for easier clean-up.

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