Silicone Trivets Color Variation




Black, Red, Light Gray – LIMITED STOCKS LEFT!

Available Colors:  Black, Red, and Light Gray

These multi-purpose premium silicone trivet mats are a must-have in the kitchen. With just the right thickness, the honeycomb design protects your hands from hot cast iron pans and baking sheets, as well as your table tops and kitchen counters. The silicone trivets are also flexible enough that you can easily wrap them around pots, pans and baking sheets. Each silicone pot mat has a hole which is convenient for hanging and storage. They are also anti-slip and durable, so you don’t have to worry about accidents. Cooking enthusiasts will surely love these classy and efficient silicone hot mats. Best for handling heavy cast iron pans, baking sheets, and large dishes.

  • BPA FREE SILICONE: All trivets are manufactured using 100% platinum silicone that is FDA approved, food grade, temperature resistant from -105F to 446F, and oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • CIRCLE AND SQUARE: Protect your hands, pans, and countertops with our large professional trivet pack that includes 2 round and 2 square honeycomb silicone trivets, available in black, red, and gray
  • PREMIUM KITCHEN TOOLS: Each trivet has a corner hole for convenient hanging storage and can be used as a coaster, drying mat, jar opener gripper pad, spoon holder, garlic peeler, and potholder mats
  • HONEYCOMB DESIGN: The innovative honeycomb pattern creates a multipurpose anti-slip surface that protects countertops from heat or water damage without absorbing odors or developing mold or mildew
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE: Our foldable pot holder sets are thicker than traditional sets to provide long lasting durability and better protection for your countertops while maintaining their flexibility

The perfect gift for those who love to cook, bake, roast and grill! Cooking enthusiasts will surely love these stylish, durable and efficient silicone trivet mats.

59 reviews for Silicone Trivets Color Variation

  1. Bill Waites

    Love these things, but would be nice to offer color option of ‘assorted, or mixed- (variety is often the spice of life.)
    Shipping is a bit ‘pricey’, compared to other merchants.

  2. Kathryn

    I use them as coasters and they look classy!

  3. Richard

    Love the bright colour of red and its rubbery texture. Over all, it’s a bit pricey but looks nice on my table and counter.

  4. Steph

    It’s so easy to clean. Love it!

  5. Lea Anderson

    Vibrant colors. hope it lasts,,,

  6. Jamie Wells

    Just the right size. Nice product..

  7. Roslyn Dobey

    Purchased as an accompanying item with another item. LOVE them! Use as a trivet and also to open tight jar cover.

  8. Emma Jones

    Love the colors! Ordered green and blue, I really like it!

  9. Jen

    I really like the quality of the trivet mats.

  10. Martha

    This a great product. The trivets are substantial. They work well and they are easy to clean. I use mine to open jars, too.

  11. Kristine

    Got some to give away this Christmas season, perfect gift for families.

  12. Michelle

    I really like the lime green trivet I ordered, planning to get the red too for Christmas!

  13. George

    Matches with the description. Great product!

  14. Freda

    Perfect thickness, love the color red and blue trivet, so vibrant.

  15. Hailey Wright

    Bought a set for myself to match my new kitchen colors. Also got a set for my sister, I’m sure she’ll love it as much as I do!

  16. Marge

    I love the grip these mats provide when handling hot items from the oven. Versatile and a great value, plus I didn’t have staining issues.

  17. Rose

    What I really like about these trivets is that they are flexible enough to wrap around the things I need to pull from the oven and sturdy enough not to let any heat through. Will purchase another color again.

  18. Benjamin

    Bought blue ones for myself. Threw away them cloth mitts because of this.

  19. Sarah O’Neil

    I used cloth mitts before and I must say that these potholders are easier on the hands.

  20. Samantha

    Very useful as oven liners. Bought another set to use as pot coasters. Love the vibrant colors and thickness!

  21. Janice

    These trivets are great! I really appreciate the non slip capability

  22. Michelle Walters

    At first I got annoyed with the water catching in between the spaces. But I figured out that giving them a good shake easily removes the excess water. Thick and very useful potholders.

  23. Melissa Gaines

    What I love about these trivets is the vibrant colors. They smelled bad upon receiving them but just soaking them in soap and water did the trick.

  24. Cassey

    I ordered green trivets. I really love the color! These trivets were even nicer than I expected! Sturdy and well made, they make good trivets and also flexible enough to be used as potholders.

  25. Diane Thompson

    I love the vibrant red color! I hope you’ll have more colors such as purple, brown or white.

  26. Carrey

    I love the design and the sturdiness. We use them as trivets, to help with jar opening, and coaster. Serves the purpose.

  27. Marry

    I really like that it comes in two shapes circle, and 2 square, love the bright lime green color too. These are the perfect sizes, it works great. Easy to store in my kitchen.

  28. Daisy

    Great buy! I needed something to help protect the countertop and these fit the bill perfectly! I love the red color that I got too!

  29. Patricia Holmes

    I use these as coasters and I love that they match my kitchen’s colors.

  30. Jen Turner

    Bought this as a gift for my sister who loves to bake and she totally loved it!

  31. Laura H

    Easier to clean and dry than cloth ones.

  32. Jane Zimmerman

    Just wonderful! So much better than cloth – and they stay cleaner! I just love them!

  33. Justine

    Nicer than I expected! I like the variety of shapes. Will order again to give my inlaws!

  34. Karen Joy

    Just the right size and easy to clean. I’m happy with my purchase, especially for the price.

  35. Rey

    It doesnt smell bad when it first came. I am using it now as a coffee coaster for my glass table. Great product will buy more for sure !!!

  36. Dolores

    I just noticed that the red color seems off. They look orangey and not deep red like the ones in the photo.

  37. Tammy Hogan

    I use these for my indoor potted plants and they match my house interior very nicely.

  38. Dwayne Cox

    Bought these for me self coz the wife does not want me to use her potholders. She got jealous and wanted a set for her , too.

  39. Shane C. Davidson

    I did not know that silicone trivets existed until I saw this on Amazon! With a little reluctance, I still went ahead and purchased them. No regrets at all. I really like it.

  40. Nancy

    It’s a bit difficult to clean with the honeycomb.

  41. James Red

    These work so much better! I don’t feel the need to double up on the pads when I’m pulling my baking sheet out. They’re easy to clean and sturdy. They work really well. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  42. Elizabeth E.

    These trivets are great for heat and protect my countertop from hot pots and pans. Great product!

  43. Sabrina89

    Gave this to my 73-year-old grandma coz she loves to cook. She says that it is very helpful in opening jars. It fits her hands well, too.

  44. Brigitte

    The green ones are perfect for my kitchen theme! I also love plants so green is my fave. I really like the vibrant color of this trivet. Very useful, too.

  45. Deborah K.

    Thicker and more durable than I expected. Great for placing hot pots & pans on to protect counters tops. Also works for opening hard to open jars lids.

  46. Candice

    Very good quality. Like the honeycomb design.

  47. Dancing Cook

    The only thing I don’t like is that they hold water. Have to give them a good shake to get them off.

  48. Ms. Ruth

    Wonderful quality and exactly as pictured! These trivets are well-sized and a beautiful addition to my table! I love the colors.

  49. Karen L

    They look and feel well made. I find the actual color of the product was brighter than I expected. Not saykng they don’t look good. A bit pricey.
    Overall they look really nice and does the job.

  50. Ruth Wilson

    After 6 months of use, I can honestly say that these silicone trivets work great! I love my green and red trivets! Easy to clean too.

  51. M. Smith

    I really like these trivets. They don’t get hot. They are very easy to clean since you can just wash them in the sink.

  52. Therese H.

    These are thick and work well on the counter and dining table.

  53. L. Spiegel

    Never had anything but cloth hot pads before. I am impressed with these silicon ones!

  54. Betty Lynn

    Exactly as portrayed. I like the thickness. Excellent quality.

  55. E. Torres

    These trivets work very well at saving my countertops and I love the blue and lime green trivets. Pop of color in my kitchen.

  56. Blanca Roberts

    Love the usability and minimalistic beauty of this multifunctional utensil. Nice additions to my kitchen.

  57. Liz

    It’s nice and thick, and the green colour is so fresh and soothing!

  58. D. Shine

    I really like these pot holders. They don’t get hot.

  59. Mary Bragg

    They do what they’re supposed and they look cute. I like that I can use them as pot holders too.

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