Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rack set




KITCHENATICS Baking Sheet with Cooling Rack: Half Aluminum Cookie Pan Tray with Stainless Steel Wire and Roasting Rack – 13.1″ x 17.9″, Heavy Duty Commercial Quality

13.1″ x 17.9″ Half Sheet Pan & Rack Set

A perfect gift solution for friends and family is our baking sheet and rack set. Its heavy duty stainless steelstackable designspecial structure, and rimmed edge cooling rack – makes it easy to cook, grill, and clean. It also comes with an aluminum pan that is highly conducive for even heating.

  • PERFECT SET: Use our commercial-quality HALF SHEET BAKING SHEET AND RACK COMBO together or separately. Place baking rack inside pan and cook food on top. Choose to bake items directly on the aluminum baking pan and use the oven wire rack to cool cookies, cake and more. Don’t forget to check out the right size! Pan Size: 13.1″ x 17.9″ x 1″ inches / Rack Size: 12.2″ x 17″ x 1″ inches
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our heavy duty aluminum roaster pans won’t warp from repeated oven use & is recommended for hand washing only. Each wire rack is made from 304 stainless steel, is rust proof, and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • VERSATILE KITCHEN ITEM: Our baking sheets and racks can be used for a variety of dishes and desserts. Roast vegetables, cook bacon, bake sweet treats or make crispy chicken wings under the broiler.
  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED: Each rack is designed with a tight grid pattern so baked goods won’t sag or fall. The tall 1″ inch legs also provide ample airflow for even cooking and cooling of all types of foods.
  • RIMMED EDGE: This professional ovenware has a rimmed edge to capture drippings when used as a bacon cooker or to broil meats. The grill design of  the roasting rack allows excess oils to drain and prevent burning.  Plus – get a FREE Recipe collection eBook.

Heavy duty aluminum roaster pans that won’t warp. 304 stainless steel wire rack that is rust-proof which is an incredibly perfect kitchen solution set for a wide variety of dishes and desserts.

41 reviews for Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rack set

  1. Kristine

    5 stars
    I was just learning how to bake and bought my very first pan and rack. My cookies came out really great that they thought I was a pro! Now I have a batch of cookies to make for orders!

  2. Kevin Totten

    Very well made!

  3. Mary Pearson

    I have to admit — it’s really easier to prepare meals for a crowd. We have a food business and this is very helpful indeed.

  4. Johan

    Perfect size. Will recommend it to my friends.

  5. Vicky

    Heavy duty. Worth the price.

  6. Jessy

    Great product, what I do to clean the rack is to leave it to soak in a sink full of hot soapy water and the next morning it’ll be like new.

  7. Jen

    Perfect size. Versatile and multi-purpose!

  8. Sharie

    Tried using this pan and rack to make candied bacon and never had any warping or twisting. Love this product!

  9. Jim

    This kitchen tool is perfect, the baking rack is great when you’re cooking in the oven or letting something rest and letting the oil drip out.

  10. Bonnie Lucas

    Great set. Pan is standard half sheet pan but the rack is high so you can use the convection setting in the oven. Very happy with this purchase. Would recommend this pan and rack. Great company to purchase from!!

  11. Connie Tarsook

    Cant say enough about this rack and pan….strongly recommend

  12. Connie Tarsook

    Cant say enough about how great this app and rack are …totally recommend.

  13. Tony (verified owner)

    Great product. As a side note, when I try to register my products as I have purchased 3 pans, I do not get a responding email confirming my registration. Recommend this product to others. Have also purchased the quarter sheet.

    • Makayla

      Hi, Tony! Glad you liked our products. Thank you for letting me know about not receiving a confirmation email upon registration — I will definitely look into that and get it fixed. Please check your spam folder as well as it might have been marked as spam. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

  14. Donna Watson

    Perfect for a large family! A lifesaver!

  15. George Sommers

    I like the lightweight pan which is easy to clean. Sturdy oven rack perfect for roasting and smoking meat.

  16. Mariz

    I really didn’t doubt the quality, perfect for making crunchy bacon and chicken wings

  17. Dirk Gunner

    Very useful not just for baking cookies but for roasting food, too.

  18. J Butler

    Perfect quality. Wife loves it and cooks more good food. Even let me use it to roast my meats.

  19. Eleanor Bowers

    The perfect size to fry chicken wings and drum sticks for a large family. Easy to clean, too!

  20. james simpson

    excellent product !

  21. Karl Vaughn

    The best combo so far!

  22. Marlene B

    Great for cooking up a banquet and easy to clean.

  23. Emma Harvey

    I used to have a stainless pan. Glad I chose this one as its lighter and cooks more evenly. Just a little sacrifice cos it’s not dishwasher safe but cleans easily when soaked.

  24. Ms. Suzanne

    Great size and great quality, well made and sturdy, bit of a pain to clean but I love it.

  25. Ryan Salters

    Love that the rack is stainless but the pan is aluminum and not dishwasher safe. Hope it will be easy to clean. Really love the rack!

  26. Darla

    Perfect for making large meals for my family and a crowd. My family loves to eat and every weekend we have my nephews and nieces come over. This baking sheet set is a lifesaver!

  27. Margaret Dennis

    I absolutely love it! It was packaged so well, it arrived safely. Just the right size. Lucky I got it on sale.

  28. Dorothy Holter

    Love this product, it is a very useful item for preparing food. If you want to use it in your oven, make sure you measure the size first. Been wanting one of these and now I’ve got one!

  29. Kay Owen

    Overall pretty satisfied with this product. I have baked chicken, bacon, and even cookies with this pan and rack, and everything has always turned out amazing!

  30. Paul D.

    Over the summer, this pan was used frequently as a cooking tool mainly for roasting and baking chicken and pork, and for cooling baked goods during get-together with friends and family. Great buy for me

  31. Denise Pratt

    The rack is perfect. Hope the aluminum pan is dishwasher safe. Still a great product!

  32. Janice Russell

    Fits perfectly in my cookie sheet. The surface of the rack is level with the sides of the pan

  33. John Pecoraro

    Pan and rack set are great for bacon and solid. Wanted to get away from using parchment paper, so bought the rack and pan. When cooking bacon in oven, I do not add anything on bottom of pan, just set oven to 400 for about 15 mins. Bacon comes out very tasty and ness stays in pan. I then soak pan with rack in water for a couple hours for cleanup, which is easy once soaked. Have not used rack in dishwasher, but plan to in the future.

  34. Daniel Adams

    So good to bake some crispy chicken and pork without the hassle of flipping the meat. So far so good.

  35. P. Rousseau

    Both items appear to be durable and strong enough to support substantial weight.

  36. Adrienne P.

    Perfect size for my needs. Looks sturdy and no warping under heat.

  37. Debbie Cave

    Been wanting to purchase one of these and now I’ve got one! Planning to buy the other sizes. really useful.

  38. Chris

    Works like a charm and have already used it 5 times!!!

  39. Chris Brown

    My neighbor used mine and he just ordered his own

    • Marie

      Hi Chris! That’s nice to hear! I’m glad that both of you liked our products. Thank you for shopping with us!

  40. Dorothy McKinney

    Just received this product. Perfect size for my needs. Appears sturdy and well made.

  41. Dorothy McKinney

    Just what I needed. Perfect size. Appears sturdy and well made.

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