Half Sheet Pan & Rack Set With Parchment Paper




Your Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rak set now comes with a BONUS pack of 100 pieces pre-cut parchment paper sheets. Safe to use straight out of the box for food wraps. Line your cookie sheets and roasting pans with parchment paper liners. Absorbs grease and easily slides off cookies. Thick, durable, non-stick and food grade parchment paper baking sheets for that easier clean-up, cooking and baking!

100 Pieces Parchment Paper with Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rack set

Top Features:

  • 3 pack baking set for your baking and roasting needs
  • Pre-cut size of 12 x 17 inches to fit half sheet baking pans
  • Non-toxic, unbleached, and thick enough to avoid grease from seeping through
  • Can withstand high-heat baking
  • Convenient packaging
  • Safe to use for baking or as food wraps
  • No-mess clean-up
  • Quality Combo: Aluminum baking pan (13.1″x17.9″x1″ inches) has rimmed edge for increased baking options. Heavy-duty aluminum baking pan won’t warp. Oven wire rack (12.2”x17.7″x1″ inches) is stainless steel, rust proof, dishwasher safe.
  • BONUS 100 pieces Non-stick Parchment Paper Lining: Easily slide off cookies or remove parchment paper from pans without sticking. Easier clean up after use.
  • Non-toxic Food Grade Half-Sheet Parchment Paper for Cooking: Safe to use for food wraps and cooking right from the box.
  • Best for High Heat Baking: The parchment paper baking liner sheets can withstand high heat and won’t burn even when using them to cook bacon. You can use the half-sheet parchment  paper sheets to cover bacon and roasted chicken and they won’t smoke.
  • Perfect Size Pre Cut Half Sheet Parchment Paper: No need to measure and cut. Each parchment paper pre cut to half sheet perfectly fits the inside of a regular size half sheet pan.
  • No-Mess Clean Up: The parchment paper for roaster oven can be placed in your half sheet roaster pan for easier clean up. Line your aluminum baking pans with unbleached parchment paper refill sheets that soaks the grease yet durable enough that it doesn’t tear. Just peel it off after cooking!

27 reviews for Half Sheet Pan & Rack Set With Parchment Paper

  1. Joan

    I can now prepare dinner witj ease! I even use the parchment paper in place of paper plates.

  2. Jimmy

    Bought this for my wife as a birthday present and she totally loved it! Now, she has more time for us as she gets to cook meals faster and easier. Man, I love the racks, too! Used them for barbecue and smoked pork and she didn’t mind at all!

  3. Vicky Moore

    The half sheet pan and parchment paper is perfect. No need to cut and measure. Nice

  4. Lisa

    I use it daily as I like baking my meal rather than using the stove. The half sheet pan, cooling rack and pre-cut parchment paper is very useful. Loving the parchment paper so much!

  5. Karen

    Perfect combo! I really like the size of my pan.

  6. Francine

    Perfect for making candied bacon and chicken wings. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle but not wanting to give up “fried” foods, then you need to have this tool and start baking rather than frying. The 100pcs parchment paper is perfect too!

  7. Stellar Joy

    Very pleased with this 3 piece set and look forward to many more things to bake upon it.

  8. Sandra

    The perfect trio for baking beginners like me. A good investment!

  9. Owen L.

    One of my fave kitchen investments! Highly recommended to anyone who’s trying to live a healthier lifestyle but not wanting to give up their “fried” foods.

  10. Charlotte McCormick

    Should have bought this ages ago! It would have been helpful when I had to prepare a banquet.

  11. Wilma 88

    This is the best all-purpose baking sheet Ive used so far for everything from baking cookies to roasting meat and vegetables.

  12. Alicia M

    Very useful set! Even got one for my sister on her birthday and she loved it.

  13. Jodi Turner

    Where have you been all my life?! Got this on sale and also bought one for my mother-in-law. My kids are complaining that they’re getting fat!

  14. Peter V.

    Love the bonus parchment paper 😀 The kitchen set I was looking for. Easy to use and work great6

  15. Larry Best

    I’m gonna use the rack for grilling. Parchment and baking pan goes to my wife.

  16. Jennifer R.

    Packed well. Just a described and measurements were accurate. LOVE it!!!!

  17. Kristie Luong

    I love my new baking sheet! It’s heavy-duty and bakes evenly. I’m looking forward to replacing all my baking sheets!

  18. M. Moore

    The grids are kind of a pain to clean but they support food a lot better than the ones that just have the bars lengthwise so that’s a trade-off you have to consider.

  19. Murray Brown

    Fantastic! My previous item was tiny. This is large — and still fits easily inside my Breville! And soooo easy to clean up by hand! Wonderful!

  20. Ethel Schuldt

    After reading many reviews for baking pan and rack, I decided on this one. Used it as soon as I got it. So good to bake some crispy chicken without the hassle of flipping chicken. So far so good.

  21. L. Dehaan

    I bought these recently and only used them thrice but so far they have been great!

  22. C. Goll

    It looks durable. Mesh takes a little work to clean – but give it a good soak. Plus the parchment paper included makes this a great deal.

  23. A. Coogan

    Superb quality and great value for your money.

  24. Eve Lewis

    It has taken me decades of cooking bacon incorrectly, cooking it using this set is a gamer changer. Cooking bacon on the stove top is messy.

  25. Robert K.

    Large rack and sheet pan that works together, great size when cooking a large amount of meal. Love the bonus parchment paper.

  26. Robert K.

    This rack and pan work together very well, great size when cooking a large amount of meal. Love the bonus parchment paper.

  27. Robert K.

    This rack and pan has a great size when cooking a large amount of meal. Plus the bonus parchment paper is nice

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