How to Make Low Carb Keto Chocolates

When I first started with the Keto diet, I had qualms about it. First, I absolutely cannot live without chocolate! Chocolate is my comfort food. When I feel sad, a bite of chocolate lifts me up. My family also loves chocolate and most of the time our desserts are chocolate-based. Therefore, I really made sure that chocolate will be included in my Keto diet! When I found a recipe for Low Carb Keto Chocolate, I immediately tested it. I bake a batch and keep them in stock for me and my family. I also use it as a base for other desserts such as cupcakes and peanut butter cups.

Turning This Into A Fun Activity

Kids and adults alike love chocolate! Turn this into a fun activity with your kids and make them during weekends. Not only do you encourage them to learn to do chores and help in the house, but you also teach them the value of patience and cleaning up. Not a lot of kids today help out at home so this activity is the perfect opportunity to train your kids on household chores. Believe me, you will thank yourself someday. My kids are all boys but they help out in household chores, even with cooking.

What You Need For The Low Carb Keto Chocolate

When melting chocolate, always use a double burner so you don’t end up burning the chocolate. You just need a large pot, fill it with about 2 inches of water, get a smaller pot that fits inside a burner and make sure you have something to prop it up with. A steamer also works great.

I also used the Funny Emojis Silicone molds instead of cupcake molds because they look cuter!

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Low Carb Keto Chocolate

If you are on the Keto diet and cannot satisfy your sweet cravings, this Low Carb Keto Chocolate recipe is perfect for you.
Course Candy, Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword chocolate recipes, low carb keto chocolate
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 7


  • 140 grams cocoa butter
  • 140 grams unsweetened baking chocolate chopped
  • 70 grams powdered erythritol
  • 30 grams whey protein powder
  • 3/4 tsp liquid stevia extract


  • Blend the whey protein and erythritol into a super fine powder. You can use a mortar and pestle to do this. Super fine results in smoother chocolate.
  • Set up your double burner. If you don’t have the equipment for a double burner, use a small saucepan, just make sure to use very low heat. You can also lift the saucepan to prevent burning. Melt the cocoa butter by stirring occasionally.
  • Add the baking chocolate and stir.
  • Add the stevia, whey protein, and erythritol. Continue stirring until smooth.
  • Remove from heat and stir continuously.
  • Pour over the silicone chocolate and candy molds.
  • Let them cool in the fridge and store at room temperature.

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