Half Sheet Pan & Rack Set With Parchment Paper


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Your Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rak set now comes with a BONUS pack of 100 pieces pre-cut parchment paper sheets. Safe to use straight out of the box for food wraps. Line your cookie sheets and roasting pans with parchment paper liners. Absorbs grease and easily slides off cookies. Thick, durable, non-stick and food grade parchment paper baking sheets for that easier clean-up, cooking and baking!

100 Pieces Parchment Paper with Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rack set

Top Features:

  • 3 pack baking set for your baking and roasting needs
  • Pre-cut size of 12 x 17 inches to fit half sheet baking pans
  • Non-toxic, unbleached, and thick enough to avoid grease from seeping through
  • Can withstand high-heat baking
  • Convenient packaging
  • Safe to use for baking or as food wraps
  • No-mess clean-up
  • Quality Combo: Baking sheet (13.1″x17.9″x1″ inches) has rimmed edge for increased baking options. Heavyduty aluminum, won’t warp. Wire rack (12.2”x17.7″x1″ inches) is stainless steel, rust proof, dishwasher safe.
  • BONUS 100 pieces Non-stick Parchment Paper Lining: Easily slide off cookies or remove parchment paper from pans without sticking. Easier clean up after use.
  • Non-toxic Food Grade Parchment Paper for Cooking: Safe to use for food wraps and cooking right from the box.
  • Best for High Heat Baking: The parchment paper baking liner sheets can withstand high heat and won’t burn even when using them to cook bacon. You can use the parchment sheets to cover bacon and roasted chicken and they won’t smoke.
  • Perfect Size Pre Cut Parchment Paper Half Sheet size: No need to measure and cut. Each parchment paper precut half sheet perfectly fits the inside of a regular size half sheet pan.
  • No-Mess Clean Up: The parchment paper for roaster oven can be placed in your half sheet roaster pan for easier clean up. Line your aluminum baking pans with unbleached parchment paper refill sheets that soaks the grease yet durable enough that it doesn’t tear. Just peel it off after cooking!


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