Practical Kitchen Hacks You Can’t Live Without

practical kitchen hacks

Wouldn’t you love to spend less time in the kitchen and more time for yourself or for your family and friends? In this present time, we get so busy that we don’t get to spend quality time anymore. Plus, we still have to prepare meals for ourselves and for our families. Research shows that 90% of Americans do not like to cook. However, homecooked meals are much healthier than food from restaurants. That’s quite a dilemma for most Americans. That’s why we came up with these practical kitchen hacks using our very own Kitchenatics products to help make cooking easier for you.

Practical Kitchen Hacks

1. Dicing Food – Dicing food can be a chore as you have to cut them into small pieces. You can use your cooling racks to dice avocados, mangoes, and even hard boiled eggs! Once done, you can just soak the cooling racks in soapy water and scrub as usual.

kitchen hacks dicing avocados

2. Non-slip Mixing and Chopping – Mixing ingredients can be challenging especially if your bowl keeps on moving. This also happens when using the chopping board. Use the silicone trivets to keep your mixing bowl or cutting board in place.

kitchen hacks with trivetskitchen hacks with trivets







3. Organize your ingredients – Use a baking sheet pan to organize ingredients before you cook. This way, you avoid clutter and it’s also easier to cook and clean up. You also spend less time running around the kitchen because everything is already within reach.

kitchen hacks using baking sheet

4. Freeze leftover juice or sauces – Use the silicone molds to freeze leftover juice, pasta sauce, and herbs. When you need a glass of ice cold juice, the juice won’t taste bland because you have flavored ice cubes. You can also freeze coffee and enjoy a flavorful iced coffee drink to reenergize. Also, you can easily cook a small portion of noodles and grab some frozen sauce to reheat. The silicone molds are flexible so the contents are easy to release.

kitchen hacks with silicone molds

5. Enjoy crispy tacos – Reheat prepared tacos without the mess and still enjoy them crispy. Just place the tacos in the taco holders and reheat in the oven. Now you can enjoy fresh and crispy tacos all the time! You can even use the taco holders to reheat garlic bread or dinner rolls.

kitchen hacks with taco holders



So, what do you think of these kitchen hacks? Have you ever tried any of those? Hope you will find these hacks useful! Leave us a comment and share your kitchen hacks, too. Don’t forget to check out the above items from our store.


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