Top 20 Perfect Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine's date ideas

Every Valentine’s day, my hubby and I struggle with Valentine’s date ideas.  To make every one of them memorable, we always aim to outdo our previous date every year.  But, there are so many places to go and so many things to do! I know, I know- the struggle is REAL.  So, while I am thinking things out, I thought to share these ideas with you. Here are the Top 20 perfect Valentine’s date ideas that will help you make happy memories with your special someone.

However, before I start with the list, the keys into getting the best value of your money, and hassle-free Valentine date are the following:

  1. Book Early.
  2. Search Online. There are bunch of sites that offer great discounts like Groupon.
  3. Subscribe to a hotel or any activity’s website to see if they have Valentine Specials, or first time subscription discounts.

Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas

1. Schedule a weekend getaway at a favorite hotel or resort. Life only gets better if you spend precious time with your loved one on a staycation or a beach resort.

2. Enjoy wine-tasting and a tour at a winery or brewery. Imagine the beauty of the rolling hills with acres and acres of green vines and ripening grapes.  At the same time, feel the blend of sunlight and wind kissing your cheeks while getting a smooch from your special one.  Just wow, right?

3. Take a cultural or historical tour.  You may think it commonplace but learning new cultures and history is interesting and fun.  Do it with your special one and make great memories!

4. Dance the night away at a dance bar. Nothing is more romantic than dancing the tango. If you don’t know how just slow dance to a romantic love song. Find a local dance club in your area, and release all that love energy the whole night by dancing your favorite music.

5. De-stress at a couple’s SPA. Most spas have couples’ packages. Nothing is more relaxing than a bonding moment at the spa. They even have some great food!

6. Let your inner artist out, spend a “paint and sip” night with your lovey-dovey. Create your masterpiece with cocktails in hand and have great fun! Groupon has definitely a lot of great deals for this kind of activity.

7. Attend a concert or go to a comedy bar. There are a lot of great performers during Valentine’s Day. There are also comedy bars where not only can you literally LOL but the performers also have mini concerts!

8. Have a romantic dinner and rom-com movie marathon in the comfort of your own home.  Binge on Netflix and watch lovey dovey movies such as “The Notebook”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Serendipity”, or “Only You.” Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

9. Play video or trivia games. This works best with younger couples. Challenge your significant other to a Playstation challenge and come up with fun consequences for the loser. Both of you can bring out their inner child and feel young again!

10. Hold hands and take selfies in a Pop museum. Every nook and cranny is picture-perfect; so go ahead and have lots of fun and a whole lot of selfies and couple-shots together.

11. Have a romantic date in a coffee shop.  Nothing is more relaxing and romantic than sipping coffee and exchanging glances and whispers while holding hands in a quaint, picturesque coffee shop.

12. Attend a cooking class together.  Let your man see your awesome “home chef” self.  Catch his heart by proving the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” true.

13. For the sporty couple, you can choose to go mountain climbing and enjoy the beauty of nature while making awesome memories together.

14. Let your inner child out at an amusement park.  You and your partner will have great fun eating ice cream and treats and feel the thrill of the rides in Disneyland or a theme park.

15. Have a taco food trip. You can choose to make it for your partner and show off your cooking skill or go around town searching for the best tacos and keep score.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

16. Show off your singing prowess at karaoke or a dueling piano bar.  Belt out your fave love songs such as “Best I Ever Had” by Drake, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, “ Love Me Now” by John Legend, or “All My Life” KC & Jojo.

17. When it comes to the topic of LOVE, chocolates have always held a special place of honor.  Why? Because chocolaltes are considered an aphrodisiac and releases happy hormones.  Therefore, it is a great Valentine date idea to make chocolates and treats for your loved one.

18. Go star-gazing with your Valentine.  Rent a truck and go out into the night with wine in hand while exchanging a great conversation about dreams and stars.  Fluttering heart eyes, anyone?

19. Swap scary stories while cooking s’mores around a bonfire.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get a tight embrace or snuggle from your special one in the guise of consoling him/her?

20. Take her ice-skating. Get an excuse to keep holding hands and embracing while guiding her around the slippery ice.

Let’s get it on and celebrate LOVE!

Planning is the key. If you want to be spontaneous, use your imagination. Remember, the only person who knows what makes your partner happy is YOU. So don’t sweat it, chill out, and make the best of your day celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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