Yum, crunchy delicious tacos!

These taco holders are great! We used them for the first time for dinner and they held Trader Joes crunchy taco shells perfectly. The tacos stay nice and crisp, the toppings stay in the tacos, not spilling all over the plate.
I made vegetarian tacos for meatless Monday. I cooked lentils until just tender, combine with vegan crumbles, crisp in a skillet with a little coconut oil, butter or olive oil, add chopped sweet onion, crushed garlic, coriander powder, chili powder, celery salt and pepper, and a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon. Cook until the onions caramelize a bit, be careful not to burn it, the fake meat sticks to the pan a little. The taco shells get warmed in a 300 degree oven for a few minutes. I didn’t put the taco holders in the oven, I just put the shells right on the oven rack. But the sturdy stainless steel seems like it would be just fine in the oven. We topped them with shredded lettuce, avocado, chopped tomatoes, hot sauce, and a bit of plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Yum! Crunchy and delicious. You could also add shredded cheese, but we were trying to watch the fat and calories. This recipe / method works great with grass fed ground beef or ground turkey too. But I digress. I am super excited to use them again for coconut shrimp tacos with soft corn shells, purple cabbage slaw, hot sauce, and avocado cream. I think they will be even more helpful with soft tacos because they will hold the shape. Tacos. Yum.

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Innovation and passion motivate us to come up with these helpful and efficient kitchen tools just for you!

KITCHENATICS Baking Sheet with Cooling Rack: Half Aluminum Cookie Pan Tray with Stainless Steel Wire and Roasting Rack – Racks for Oven Cooking – BONUS 100-Pcs. Pre-Cut, Nontoxic Parchment Paper

Your Half Sheet Baking Pan and Rak set now comes with a BONUS pack of 100 pieces pre-cut parchment paper sheets. Safe to use straight out of the box for food wraps. Line your cookie sheets and roasting pans with parchment paper liners. Absorbs grease and easily slides off cookies. Thick, durable, non-stick and food grade parchment paper baking sheets for that easier clean-up, cooking and baking!

Thick Cut, Premium Quality, Non-stick Pre-cut Parchment Paper Sheets for Half Sheet Baking Pans, 200 pieces

Baking will now be easier with these parchment paper pre-cut sheets that fit half sheet pans perfectly. Each parchment paper measures 12 x 17 inches and is precut so you don’t need to worry about measuring. The parchment paper are non-toxic, unbleached, and thick enough so that grease does not seep through. These parchment paper liners will not burn or curl when used as each sheet can withstand high heat baking. Use these parchment papers for baking so the cookies easily slide off and can also be used to wrap sandwiches. The convenient packaging makes the parchment sheets easy to use and store — hassle- free baking right at your fingertips!

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Chef Tested, Chef Approved.
Are you ready to effortlessly cook like a pro? You’ve come to the right place!

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Chef Tested, Chef Approved.
Are you ready to effortlessly cook like a pro? You’ve come to the right place!

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